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Road Freight

Integrated trucking network across India, linking major cities, ports and airports to one another. A regular road service connecting to all major cities in India.

We have 10 years experience in this passion

Road transport is at the heart of our industry and makes up a large component of the services we offer. As an experienced Logistics company, GB Logistics Road Transport Solutions offer qualified drivers, a fleet of vehicles, and a charter network to guarantee flexibility, responsiveness, and high capacity transportation. From standard to more personalized solutions, we aim for operational excellence, and we put your deadline and cost constraints first.

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we offer quick & powerful logistics solutions

We are a bunch of efficient team of expert skilled and expert workforce

  • Our prices are highly competitive.
  • We have a wide network base.
  • We have a record of complete customer satisfaction.
  • Effective logistics, ensuring speedy and timely delivery of assignments.
  • Efficient and on time service.

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Our branches span across India. To find a location near you, click here.

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Across town or across the country we have the people and the "know how" to get it done on time and at cost.

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